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Canada has become the delight of Immigrants from all over the world as the destination of choice not only because of its mosaic of cultures and richness, but also because it is one of the safest places to live in the world. The same goes for foreign students, as Canada's educational system is ranked among the best in the world

Canada carefully screens and selects candidates for immigration based on various point factors ranging from work experience, age, language ability, adaptability and willingness to integrate successfully etc

Depending on the candidate's profile, we conduct an eligibility evaluation to determine your chances of success before signing a contract with you. We do not accept clients unless they have a fairly good chance of obtaining a permanent resident visa

Immigration Procedure

  • Canadian government introduced Express Entry System effective January 1, 2015
  • The means through which skilled workers can Immigrate to Canada
  • Purpose is to create potentially a pool of skilled workers who are ready to begin working in Canada
  • Candidate must first show intent by being accepted as a potential immigrant in the express pool after meeting the eligibility criteria (such as language test scores, education, work experience etc)
  • Candidate stays in the pool for one year and could be picked based on ranking selector by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Once invited to apply, most applications for permanent residence will be processed within six months or less

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